prosecco-bubbles close up

Prosecco: Versatile & Great for All Occasions

Quality can be judged at first pour. I have traveled throughout Italy and found that there are two key characteristics one must follow when making your selections. Bubbles and taste! The more bubbles that rise to the top and the length for which you see those bubbles is typically a good indicator of higher quality wines, especially Prosecco

Braised Pork Arrabbiata

I wanted to make something delicious and new, so I bought a frozen red wattle pig pork shoulder from Rustic Road Farm in Elburn, Wisconsin. I love to braise with my Le Creuset. This article from The New York Times was the basis of my recipe, but I made a few small changes. I used both fire roasted tomatoes from Whole Foods and a large can of San Marzano tomatoes. In addition, handfuls of Italian Parsley and fresh basil added depth and dimension.

Things We Love: Spanish Olive Oil Pitcher

I ultimately settled on this Spanish oil pitcher in, stainless steel from Schoolhouse. I could not be happier. While $46 may seem high, it’s sleek, protects the oil from heat and light, pours gracefully and holds a huge bottle of oil (it’s very deceiving). I think what I love the most about it is that the pour is so smooth. Use a lot or just a drop you have perfect control and no bubbles.

picture of Liz's watch

Watch Collecting 101

I was never a watch person. I sometimes noticed other people’s watches. My sister had a black Pulsar (type) in the 80’s and it was sporty and cool, but not my style. I had a simple Timex with a long rectangular face, roman numerals and a faux alligator skin band. I thought it was classic.