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Collecting Watches

Watch Collecting 101

Mechanical watch collecting for men and women

After marrying my husband, my interest started changing. He taught me what a Paul Newman tropical dial was, the form and function of a NATO band, the importance of the right millimeter size on your wrist. As a woman, I never felt that watch companies marketed to me, unless it looked like a piece of jewelry or was “cute.” When I say collect it doesn’t mean I want tons of watches. I just want a few iconic, functional, interesting timepieces that provide me with information without having to look at a screen or technology. I want a piece of history and a story. Mechanical watches fit the bill. Hodinkee has taught me so much about watches and the amazing history and design that goes into every single watch.

picture of my husband's watch collection
My husband’s watch collection

Traveling with a real horology expert is interesting. My husband can walk into any watch shop across the world — the Panerei flagship store in Florence; a shop in Covent Garden; Rolex in Santorini or A. Lange and Sohne in Miami. In these and so many other places, my husband has known more about watches than the people working in the shop.  Through his unique tutelage and my fortunate travels, I have developed what watch aficionados call the “holy grail” watch list.

This is the first in a five part series on watch collecting. Watch for my next post in a five part series on why I have chosen each of these watches. 

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