Top 10 Fall Fashion Picks for 2020

A guide to the top 10 fall fashion pieces you need and want to have this fall.

I live for fall clothes. That warm sun and cool air = love. Fall wardrobe? Yes, count me in!  While I have a lot of classics, and I really do not need any new fall items, frankly I am just sick of comfy. (yes it has it’s time and place and I have bought new comfy things too). I am sharing my top 10 fall fashion picks for 2020.

While I am personally not heading to the office yet, these items will brighten your day and hopefully give you a reason to get dressed up for your next Zoom call. Remember nice clothing does not have to R.I.P., we just need to be more mindful of what we are buying.

I’ve always been a style maven. I was the girl who dressed up in high school and then again in college. I never walked the campus in sweat pants or ratty clothes….and I was an art major! Plus in Madison, Wisconsin it was damn cold, so big sweaters and boots would have been more practical than the J.Crew barn jacket, a black mini skirt, and tights.

My top 10 fall fashion picks for fall 2020 and beyond:

  1. Something leather
  2. Chunky gold necklace
  3. An oversized work shirt
  4. White blouse
  5. Tie-neck blouse
  6. The urban chelsea boot with a lug sole
  7. Wide-leg high waisted cropped jean
  8. A Mr. Rodgers cardigan sweater
  9. Bold floral dress
  10. Cloud leather clutch