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Great Holiday Gifts for the Chef

Great holiday gift ideas for your home chef and anyone who loves to cook.

We love to share our secrets, and as avid cooks, we appreciate any new gadgets or products! This holiday season, we are sharing many of our favorites with you. We have included several price points and many of these items can be found at several retailers. We encourage you to Shop Small when you can.

Nerdy Nuts Peanut Butter Jar

Nerdy Nuts Peanut Butter – New Flavors drop every Sunday at 7pm. Set your clock because this has a cult following and it’s well worth the wait.

Garlic Keeper – This is something every chef needs and may not have. I love the pretty glaze on this potters designs.

Ottolenghi Cookbook – Check out the restaurants when in London, or buy the cookbooks. Looking for inspiration for vegetables and push your cooking boundaries? Buy this! Hand signed if you buy from Ottolenghi directly.

pantry bowls

Pantry Bowls – These beautiful bowls from Farmhouse Pottery in Vermont are sold separately but what an amazing gift! Order 1-3 to start and then add for Mother’s Day or a birthday until your chef has all of them.

Gigwood Cutting Board – If you appreciate wood this maple cutting board is beautiful and wonderful gift for any home.

salad-dressing bowl

Salad Dresser – This has been one of our most popular “things we love.” Rachel’s salt box is equally beautiful. Order now and it will make it just in time for xmas.

Souper Herb Cubes – If there is something I definitely want in my stocking this year, it’s 2 of these so I can save my basil and oregano for sauces all year long.

metal Olive Oil Pitcher from Schoolhouse

Spanish Olive Oil Decanter – I absolutely love my oil decanter from schoolhouse. I proudly have it sitting my by stove.

Wine-O’s – The perfect host/hostess gift. Plus I love the colors and simplicity of the cut felt pieces instead of the typical wine charms.

OXO Good Grips® 4-Piece Magnetic All-Purpose Clip Set – We use these clips for everything — snack bags, frozen vegetables, bags of pasta. You can never have enough!

Spices from Penzey’s – Anything from Penzey’s is amazing. Try their salad dressing mixes, the global cinnamon varieties, BBQ 3000 spice or smoky salt… they are all amazing products.

Griddle for Double Burners by Cuisinart – This griddle is brilliant. Specially made for double burners, you have your own griddle for those of us without a griddle on our range.

America’s Test Kitchen Digital App Subscription – We are America’s Test Kitchen fans, and Liz has the subscription to all of their streaming products. Buy the subscription for a friend and you can stream the app from your TV and learn how to make almost anything perfectly.

Bright Colored Cutting Boards – One of our favorite boutique cooking shops, Orange Tree Imports, has these adorable and happy cutting boards for a few dollars a piece… stock up!

Nordicware Baking Pans – Liz received these for Christmas last year and they are awesome. Insulated and durable, nothing burns on these cookie sheets.

Woven Geo Dishcloths – How adorable are these woven and colorful dishcloths from Anthropologie? We need them!

Wickles – Liz turned me on to their red pepper spread but you can build your own gift box and ship it right to your recipients door.

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