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Things We Love: Bala Bangles

Sleek and cool the Bala bracelet weights are everything and then some.

As the time at home has increased, so has my time working out. With that my collection of workout equipment has continues to grow. Fitness bands, yoga straps, barre balls, light weights from 2 to 10 lbs. slowly get added to my collection. However, my favorite item so far has been the set of sleek and very cool Bala Bangles I received as an early birthday gift.

It feels good to support a small growing company. Founded in 2018, by a husband and wife team, Natalie Holloway and Max Kislevitz, famously were featured on Shark Tank. Their mantra — Bala is designed to be “additive” to a workout that is already exhausting or an every day activity.

Bala Bangles have been written up by fitness fanatics, but for me it was an easy way to level-up. Sleek and cool, the Bala bracelet weights are perfect for your home workout routine. I can easily increase my weight during a workout just as the founders intended. Bala makes two weight options; 1lb. and 2lb. I ordered the 1lb. figuring it would be better to combine with my existing weights.

Just after receiving my very cool box, I realized it was everything I expected and more. Soon learned it was great to wear on a walk, while doing household chores and of course while working out. It adds extra burn to everything you do plus of course pilates and sculpt classes.

bala bangles on woman's ankles
Bala Bangles worn on the ankle

bala bangles on woman's arm
Bala Bangles worn on the wrist

I also love that the weights come in great colors and are packed with a small mesh bag. Use the mesh bag for travel. Pack them in your roller bag along with our favorite mood candle and a minimal set of workout clothes and you can really workout anywhere. Especially, since Bala has a website where you can get free online classes. Bala is definitely a brand to watch.

Need gift ideas? This would be a great gift for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day!

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