Things We Love: Obé & Online Fitness

Obé and Beachbody — Our top picks for the best online fitness classes.

Online fitness is here to stay. Nearly a year ago when we were locked down I started trying online classes. Liz has also done her share of trials. Hands down it’s the community created by these online fitness classes that keeps us coming back.

To be honest I was never a fan of classes. There were of course a few exceptions; pilates and bar kept me coming back over the last several years. When I first tried online classes during covid they were one offs. Whether it was Tracy Anderson, The Bar Method or Crunch nothing kept me interested and the Zoom experience was just weird for me.

I needed something that was live as well as on-demand. Classes need to be convenient so I had no excuse not spend 30 minutes or more on exercise. In early April 2020, I received an email from Athleta for a 3 week free trial at Obé. It was the start of my journey — I’ll never go back to the studio except for maybe pilates. That’s because taking a class on an actual ‘reformer’ makes a huge difference in form.

obe-fitness classes

I love Obé Fitness for the energy it brings and the way it makes me feel each day. The instructors make themselves available via the FB community and Instagram for questions. They send such positive messages during class and make me laugh. It’s the community on Facebook that lifts you up when you are struggling but also when you need to be reminded of your success. I find the group so supportive: whether it is advice on which classes to take, favorite instructors, how to modify an exercise, starting fitness parties, birthday wishes, congratulations on amazing milestones and sharing of sweaty selfies. There is so much love.

Nearly one year later I have worked out more than I have in a decade. I have a daily routine, working out most mornings (although I need coffee first). If the class I am interested is not available then I try something new on demand. Obé has definitely changed my body and I love how I feel. Even my husband see’s the difference. Best of all for me when we ultimately go back to an office I know I can make time for the workouts because it works with my schedule.

Liz uses Beachbody. Many of her coworkers and friends are all fans and the variety of classes is excellent. Whether you are looking for high intensity, pilates, barre, yoga, strength, dance — Beachbody has it all. We love how the company offers so many options for all fitness levels and preferences. We also love how the courses are set up so that you can start as a beginner and grow to become more advanced over a specific window of time.

Liz is currently doing the Barre class, which is a 60 class program, allowing her to build her skills and strength. Liz and her coworkers and friends send sweaty selfies to show that they worked out, keeping each other accountable.

Liz’s sweaty selfie in her basement gym.

Are you already a fan of online fitness? Share with us your favorite studios. Support those amazing instructors and share your sweaty selfie with us by tagging us at @lasoeuretteblog on Facebook and Instagram. Check out my favorite workout accessories.

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