Collecting: Lady Hamilton Silver Plate Flatware

Why buy new silverware when you can use beautiful vintage silver every day?

One of the reasons Melissa and I started La Soeurette blog was to share things we love. Both of us grew up with mothers who loved to entertain and had all of the toys to do it. Beautiful china. Real silver. Gorgeous glassware. Pretty linens. Things that told stories and continued tradition. We are all about that at La Soeurette.

As I have begun nesting for the new house (check out my story on the new “mini castle” my husband and I are remodeling) I decided it was time to get rid of our current silverware. When we got married a decade ago, we merged our households. While I don’t mind mix and match with certain things, I have grown tired of our mix and match metal daily silverware. Twenty years ago I bought my first set of silver- it is Lady Hamilton. 

The Lady Hamilton silver-plate flatware pattern was introduced through Community Plate by Oneida in 1932 and was discontinued late. The pattern has an art deco feel and was advertised to match a wedding dress. The vintage advertising literally shows a wedding dress next to the design and also markets the silver for women whose husbands are coming home from the war. See the photos below for more detail.

Above: Vintage advertising for Lady Hamilton silverware matches the bridal dress with the silverware and markets the silverware for women whose husbands are returning from war. Why not use beautiful silverware for your cereal?

It is not the ultra fancy and expensive Reed and Barton I grew up with, but it is at an affordable price point from Ebay or vintage dealers where you can use it every day and not worry about it.

While searching for new home decor and goodies, I decided to try to upcycle as much as I could. That includes using vintage china, silver, glasses and other beautiful antiquities that are not only lovely to use, but tell a story. Antique things can be made cool again by combining them with modern design.

So many people do not enjoy these things anymore and buy the basics. But why not add a little special sweetness to your daily eating ritual? I pulled out my Lady Hamilton from the attic and bought a few more pieces from Ebay to complete my set. I cannot wait to use all of these high quality, low carbon footprint items in my new house. Every time we recycle something, it is less in landfills and better for our earth.

Interested in learning more about silver? Check out eBay, ask your mom or grandma about theirs and pick out a set you like. You can buy sets from vintage dealers and eBay for a steal. Why not go ahead and add some beauty and history to your life. Its a tiny splurge!

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