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Things We Love: Hand Painted Tea Glasses

Special hand painted tea glasses will bring joy to any table.

In Morocco and Turkey they serve hot mint tea in the afternoon in these beautiful hand painted glasses. When I saw these on Anthropologie I was transported to Venice, Italy where colorful Murano glass is everywhere.

This special set of hand painted tea glasses will bring joy to any table. It would also be beautiful for an aperitif in the afternoon, ice cold lemonade or ice tea in the spring and summer and even with flowers down the center of a wood table. It would also make an incredible hostess gift under $50.

When I was in Istanbul a decade ago I walked through a series of stalls in the Grand Bazaar. Not only was I offered tea with the store owner as I shopped for pretty gold rings but I saw groups of men chatting over fresh mint tea at busy cafes in the middle of the noisy bazaar. It was mesmerizing to watch the severs in the cafes holding trays of hot tea in silver servers high above their heads. When they arrived at each table they would set out each pretty glass with a lump of sugar and fresh mint and pour the tea from high above the glass.


If you are looking to spruce up breakfast or need your own pick me up gift these glasses are sure to hit the mark. #love for more items from Hotel Magique (not a hotel in fact) visit here. These glasses would also be perfect to make Liz’s Crimson Sky cocktail

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