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Collecting: Classic Martha Stewart Books

Martha Stewart is making a huge comeback, and we are having a renaissance with her classic, really the original, how to and DIY books

Sometimes I stop and think about how I learned how to do what I think of as really basic things, but have friends who are intimidated to try themselves. Maybe they never learned how to arrange flowers (my mom was a florist.) Maybe they do not know how to make cookies. They might also afraid to ask for help on how to make a house a home or do home tasks.

With the upcoming renovations and care required for our new mini castle home, I realized there were some big things I would need to learn how to do. How do I manage an acre of moss? What kinds of tree care is necessary for a front yard filled with oaks? Is home stone repair something I can do myself? Take Martha Stewart’s advice of course!

I was watching TV late one night and stumbled upon Martha Knows Best, a new show on HGTV where Martha Stewart shows people how to do exactly these things. Her celebrity guests like Richard Gere, Snoop Doggy Dogg and everyday people. In a few nights of watching her show I learned many new things. She taught me a cool technique for planting bulbs, a great Hanukkah gift idea, and how to make Christmas sway from my yard.

I proceeded to order many of Martha Stewart’s classic “how to” books from eBay. Many were around three dollars a book with no shipping cost. I get tired of always googling how to learn things. Sometimes I want to read a real book and have a handy reference. That is what these books are. I picked up Gardening, New Old Home, Good Things and Decorating.

Not only did these books cost next to nothing, but they are still accurate and cool- 25 years. I love them and recommend anyone buy as many as you can. There is a reason we buy all of Ina Garten’s Barefoot Contessa Books. Just like Martha Stewart, these classic books show us how to do something correctly and with style.

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