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Things We Love: SkinMedica Skin Care

Looking for some serious skin care products to prevent signs of agin and improve your glow? These products are outstanding.

Members of my family were blessed with great skin. My Grandma Schmidlkofer had the most beautiful skin, soft, smooth, flawless. Fortunately, I inherited most of her genes and her great skin. I have had to manage many physical things through my life- a healthy weight, taming my thick hair, braces for my teeth. I never thought about “real” skin care until I became older and began noticing that my skin was drier, and less consistently smooth and soft.

I have experimented with many products. I believe that consistency is key. That means washing off your makeup each day, moisturizing your skin right after you shower or wash your face to seal in that moisture and moisturizing your whole body on a daily basis. During my annual dermatology appointment this year, I asked my dermatologist to recommend some serious skincare to protect my skin and to decrease signs of aging. I told her I want my skin to look this good when I am 60 and she immediately recommended Skinmedica products.

Made by Allergan, also the maker of Botox, Skinmedica truly works. They also have great specials and give you great sized samples of their products to try. Thus far, I have tried the AHA cleanser, retinol, night cream and this super fabulous cell renewal serum which is a massive game changer. Adding retinol was difficult for my skin the first few weeks. After my skin adjusted, the renewal began. I quickly saw significantly fewer fine lines on my forehead and around my eyes, as well as around my mouth. The overall texture also improved. Many of my friends and family commented that my skin was glowing- which to me was the biggest compliment. Who doesn’t want glowing skin at age 50? I highly recommend trying these products. Yes they are expensive. But they are incredibly effective and a great investment to protect and care for your skin as you age.

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