Classic Holiday Egg Nog

My mother, Betty, makes this recipe every year and we never open a gift before the egg nog has been served. Even the dog loves licking the cups and then naps by the tree afterwards.

Holiday Baking: Sharing Traditional European Family Christmas Cookie Recipes

We share simple ingredient cookie recipes passed down among generations I grew up with aunts, uncles, grandmothers, parents, friend’s parents, church communities, neighbors… sharing dessert. This time of year meant a lot of family holiday baking. Grandpa’s pfeffernusse. Mom’s stollen and anise cookies. I love a frosted cookie or gooey bar, but sometimes just a […]


Things We Love: Mask Bijoux

My latest love is essentially a mask chain called ‘mask bijoux’. The ‘le-bijoux’ is a pretty mask chain meant to be worn with their matching le-mask but it can be worn with any mask. It’s the prettiest fabric cord with gold balls and cute star clasps and attaches to my mask.

A Midwest Christmas

Fresh picked pine, handmade decorations and sweet family memories A Midwest Christmas for me is influenced by nature and special family or cultural traditions. Christmas has always been my absolute favorite holiday. My mother owned a flower and gift store in northeastern Wisconsin called Schumacher’s Flowers and Gifts. She made Christmas beautiful for so many […]