Cedar Plank Salmon with Lemon & Herbs

A healthy summer dish that can be made in under 30 minutes

I am not sure about you but I cook 6 days a week and in the summer, cooking inside and cleaning up lessens the appeal. Grilling however means I split the cooking duties with my husband Scott. He is the resident grill master.

I love cooking salmon on the grill and the cedar planks make it so easy. The cedar plank steams the fish while adding a wonderful smoky flavor to the fish. This recipe is from a blogger I regularly follow, Jenn Segal, and her blog is Once Upon a Chef. Her recipes are straight forward, simple and just delicious. I served this in 40 minutes with rice and fresh tomato & cucumber salad for the perfect summer dinner.


Cedar planks are available at every price point. I have not found that one brand works better than others. What does make a difference is soaking them. It needs to be wet when you place it on the grill. Add the fish to the plank right before cooking. You can buy cedar planks at and Williams-Sonoma.