My husband Shawn's vintage thermos collection in our backyard

Collecting: Vintage Thermos Containers

Use a vintage Thermos instead of buying a new hot beverage container

As children, our parents would take us into the woods for weekend hikes and lunches in the shade of old oak forests and pine groves. Our parents would pack the plaid fabric Thermos satchel with a silver thermos with a little mug on the end, sandwiches and fruit. Serendipitously, my husband has had a Thermos collection for nearly 25 years.

While I love my Swell water bottle and Blender Bottle a lot, there is nothing like opening up a hot thermos with fresh hot coffee. Miss visiting Starbucks because you are working from home during COVID? Fill your Thermos in the morning and drink it at your desk through the day. Better yet, put it in a backpack and go have a coffee outside before work!

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