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La Soeurette Guide: The Perfect Cheese Board

For the love of cheese! Do-it-yourself cheese platters.

Are you a cheese lover? Did you grow up in a state where they are famous for cheese? Then this post of do-it-yourself cheese platters is for you.

I have to admit I love a cheese board. So much so that I would easily swap dessert for cheese and bread. Add in a few tasty crackers, dried fruit and paté even better! I love putting out cheese for guests but it’s also as an easy dinner. I am also fascinated by pictures of pretty cheese boards.

After watching many videos and making even more cheese platters. Here are my tips for building the perfect cheese board. When finished serve with your favorite wine – Pinot Noir and Sancerre would be my picks. You can find out more about some of our favorite wines here.


  • You will need a sturdy wood, slate or marble board as your base. It can be round, square or rectangular.
  • Select 2-3 types of crackers and 1 fresh bread sliced; sourdough baguette is my go-to.
  • Use 1 dried fruit. I love apricots for sweetness but dried cherries are awesome too — you can certainly use both.
  • Add at least 1 nut – almonds and walnuts are great!
  • Select 1 hard cheese, 1 soft cheese and 1 other type for diversity. I used a fresh goat cheese cone from the farmer’s market, Manchango and traditional Gouda.
  • Pick 1-2 meats like salami and Jamon. I ran out of space on my board so I only used Prosciutto for this story.
  • Add fresh fruit; apples, grapes, pears and peaches are all good. Use what you like and what is in season for the best flavor.
  • Pick one savory element, it could be a small bowl of crispy chips or fresh olives.
  • Add honey, grainy mustard or preserves to compliment your cheeses. For this one I used fig jam and honey. Cherry preserves would also be great.

Some of our favorite local cheese and meat stores: Murray’s Cheese, Olympia Provisions, The Bedford Cheese Shop, Eastern District and Whole Foods, Marche, La Clare Creamery

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  1. This looks so delicious! I am going to order my Whole Foods yummies ASAP and do this over the weekend!

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