villia floriani limoncello

Things We Love: Villa Floriani Limoncello Body Cream and Shower Gel

Limoncello body scrub & body cream will jump start your new beauty routine.

My husband is a closet beauty junkie. He loves a good smelling product, and this set was a “get-well” gift from my mother when he had ankle surgery. The Villa Floriani Limoncello Ultra Hydrating Body Cream and Limoncello Exfoliating Shower Gel are no exception. I have to admit I stole it a few times and I could easily switch to this all year long.

Using Villa Floriani Limoncello Body Scrub & Body Cream is a wonderful way to start the New Year. Say goodbye to 2020 and welcome beautiful soft skin in 2021. Both products are clean, containing natural citrus extracts and oils to lock in much-needed moisture to help skin remain soft, smooth and supple throughout the day.

Of the two, I think the Limoncello Ultra Hydrating Body Cream is my favorite. Reminiscent of southern Italy where the sun and lemons are abundant, this cream is meant to gently nourish, moisturize and tone the skin. The cream is extremely rich, and I find it works well on very dry, chapped, skin and hands (from all the cooking for this blog). The Limoncello Exfoliating Shower Gel is sulfate-free. It gently removes dead skin cells while cleansing and rinses off easily. Your skin is left glowing and without any irritation. 

Using just one is great but the two combined are divine. For more beauty ideas and past posts visit our beauty page.