Things We Love: Alison Roman’s Brothy Beans

I am always looking for an easy to make, wholesome, healthy and satiating dinner. Now that I work from home, I love recipes that enable me to prepare things in advance. This way when I am done with a long day of my daily work, I have things done. My husband and I recently became huge fans of Alison Roman from New York Times’ Cooking. She has a great YouTube channel called Home Movies. Each week she shares a recipe and shows you how to make it. Every recipe I have has been delicious and easy. I like a lot of her cooking techniques also.

Alison’s Broth Beans recipe has become a twice monthly staple for us. It may even be a weekly thing for my husband and I. I don’t know about our readers, but I get tired of meat. As I am rejecting my third kidney transplant, my appetite has decreased and my desire for meat is sketchy at best. I love this recipe because the beans give it protein and satiate you, but the combination of flavors and layering really make it super delicious. I use a Le Creuset of course.

I have made this recipe with fava beans and small lima beans. I do not used canned beans- I add high quality dry beans to the pot. Use care to not let the beans get too soft- a little bit of a bite makes it feel more like a meal to me. One can use spinach or kale- or really any green you like. I definitely think the soft boiled egg is a great addition and shaved parmesan or feta really take the flavor over the top. If you are yearning for more umami in your broth, add a bit of Better Than Bouillon Roasted Garlic or Roasted Beef base. I promise you will love this!