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Shopping for window treatments like roman shades can be easy if you work with a great company like The Shade Store.

If this past year taught me anything it was spend my saved dollars on my home. As we will all admit we are spending more time at home than ever before. Raise you hand if you did any of the following: bought new sheets, painted your house, bought plants, cooked more than ever. (Cue hand in the air every time LOL).

Scott and I have been in our Brooklyn apartment since before we got married. It’s hard to believe it’s nearly 8 years here. Wow! I think I have had 3 different types of window treatments on the bedroom since we moved in. First there were drapes from West Elm where the bar could not be drilled in properly to the soffit, then some simple shades from Ikea that were too short and let too much light through. In all we really needed a better solution, even if pricey.

In early January, I called my friend Paul and said I needed shaded, and I stressed the word “needed” new window treatments. Both Scott and I were done and over with everything we bought and installed ourselves. After 8 years, Scott and I said we needed something that was custom, looked great and would block the flood lights and rooftop lights that were shining into our bedroom all night from across the way. Paul Giordano is a close friend and interior designer. From the moment I called, Paul said while you can go cheaper with something from Regal Drapes my best bet was The Shade Store. Now, I have to admit I had a vision of the Ikea blind, custom made in a fabric I chose. I was thinking that Paul would order and coordinate install. But in the end Paul’s vision was perfection, from one of the best available, The Shade Store.

I will say that ordering from The Shade Store was very easy, especially with someone like Paul to help me select fabrics, coordinate measurements and install. In the end my experience was excellent. (even during a pandemic). The finished product was not cheap, but in my mind worth every penny. The quality is excellent. Every night Scott and I say, gosh why didn’t we do this sooner. Perhaps the answer to that question is due to the fact that we live in a rental apt. Or it could simply be that we thought we could do it ourselves. I am officially here to say, we can’t. We need help and companies like The Shade Store, Smith and Noble do make a difference an are worth the money spent.

Our Bedroom Window Before:

Our Bedroom Window After

Overall, I have a few tips from my experience:

  • Work with a professional, whether an interior designer like Paul, or trusted sales associate from one of the above mentioned companies.
  • Negotiate for free measurements and install
  • Choose your fabric wisely, know when to splurge and save. If you want white linen, a look a like can save you considerable money. If you want a design, the higher grade fabric makes a difference.
  • Patterns can add to an otherwise plain room.
  • We love roman shades but they cost more on average than roller shades in the same fabric. Think about what you want vs need
  • Get black-out only if you need it — It’s pricey. With my fabric choice it was thin, the black out was needed to block the flood light across the way. But in other placements, room darkening shades would work just as well and will save you money.
  • Be open to the window treatment you need vs want. There are lots of options out there besides Roman Shades, Roller Shades and Drapes.

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