Things We Love: Yeti Wine Tumblers

Yeti is a company that is known for quality drinkware, but the wine tumblers are the best summer find.

Leave it to YETI to make a wine glass, that could basically put all plastic outdoor drinkware out of business. A few months ago I was trying to use up some of my left over credit card points and I found these beauties. Scott loves how cold they keep beverages. I swear you can fill it will ice and water at 10pm and leave it on the table over night (inside) and tomorrow morning the ice will barely be melted. This is nothing short of amazing.

My husband, Scott, grabs these not only for the patio but everything. I mean he wants to use these instead of glass for everything from water to white wine to seltzer. Since it’s summer we love serving ice cold Sancerre or Prosecco in these on our patio with a great summer cheese board.

All about YETI

Founded in 2006, their mission: build the cooler you’d use every day if it existed. The tall Yeti coffee tumbers seem to be everywhere. I see the brand on TV, in cars at the car wash and in the hands of every day commuters. But recently I am seeing their big coolers and tall mugs on the beach in New York. If you like ice cold beverages then you need these.

Where to Buy Information

With another holiday weekend these make a great hostess gift or addition to your home. But be mindful, these beauties do not come cheap. At $24.99 each, a pair will set you back $50 and it’s over a hundred with shipping for 4. However, I am here to tell you they are 100% worth the money. They are also nearly indestructible. The size shown above is the 10 oz. rambler. It comes with a magnetic lid that helps protect that special cargo.