Things We Love: Cool Dog Toys

We love supporting small businesses and this online pet accessories store is great.

Some of us have pets, some of us watch pets, others get to spoil our friends pets. Whether you are staying with someone for the weekend or watching a friend’s dog while they are away this summer, a great dog toy can save your furniture and create some activity for dogs who just prefer to sleep and hang out.

Around Christmas I was looking for great gift ideas and I came across Pet-a-Porter. They have some really cute stuff and super fast shipping. Clover’s birthday is St. Patrick’s Day and I wanted to her to have a few new toys while we were staying there in March. I ordered this and shipped to my parent’s house. I think the quality is excellent and it’s a great way to spice up the basket of half destroyed toys that have lost the filling, had the squeakers ripped out etc.

Adorable Soft Taco

I commend the business owners for toys that are cute, fresh, size appropriate and fun spins on today’s culture. They have toys that look like famous icons such as: Starbuck’s cups, a NYC Yellow Taxi Cab, Budwiser Beer Cans, Hermes gift boxes. My picks are the taco, Starbark’s cup, NYC Taxi, and the sushi toy (which comes in a cat and dog version). They also carry collars for dogs and cats, cat toys, supplements and a host of other great items. So when you need a cute house gift think of your hosts pet, they deserve their own cute gift.

Melissa’s parents dog Clover
Liz and her dog Britt
Liz and her dog Britt

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