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Things We Love: Aldi Pink Roses

Life’s simple pleasures… beautiful flowers make my day!

I love roses. I love reasonable roses. I love Aldi roses.

I was so fortunate to grow up in a family that valued creativity, nature and beauty. My mom opened her own cheese, wine and gift shop in the mid 1970’s. She was wildly successful, and later added fresh and silk flowers. It has been almost sixteen years since we lost mom to cancer. At her funeral, we were all so amazed at the numbers of people who came to her funeral whom we did not know. They were all people who shopped at her flower shop. In my small town in Wisconsin, mom was known for making people’s lives beautiful.

For many years I did not even think about buying myself flowers. I would tell myself it was not a necessary expense or I wouldn’t let myself get that special treat. During the winter of COVID, I began to order roses from the thrifty grocery store Aldi through Instacart. Being locked down with my compromised immune system, I wanted every little treat I could have that made life better. Aldi roses blooming into perfection on my desk truly made life a lot better.

Next time you are tempted to stop and smell the roses, do it! Take another step and actually buy yourself those roses. They are worth every bit of the six dollars you will pay for them at Aldi or whatever store you shop at.

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  1. Dear Lizzie, I am truly sorry that I never met your mother. But I have met You, Joe, Kris, Nick and Marin Much love. Betty Anne

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