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Clean Beauty Wrap Up

What clean beauty items we are keeping in our makeup bag and our favorite products. Clean beauty has been around for a while. Many of us have been dabbling with some of the brands. I would say my bag is 85% clean. Lipstick is the one category I tend to mix because I have go-to […]

Things We Love: SkinMedica Skin Care

Looking for some serious skin care products to prevent signs of agin and improve your glow? These products are outstanding. Members of my family were blessed with great skin. My Grandma Schmidlkofer had the most beautiful skin, soft, smooth, flawless. Fortunately, I inherited most of her genes and her great skin. I have had to […]

Things We Love: Stila Liquid Eyeshadow

Add a little sparkle to your eyes for fun Eye shadow has come a long way from the Maybelline eye contouring compacts from the 1980’s. The evolution of eyeshadow- from a powder that never stayed on my eyelids to an all day shimmery lid is amazing! I have been noticing increasing numbers of glimmering eyelids […]

villia floriani limoncello

Things We Love: Villa Floriani Limoncello Body Cream and Shower Gel

Limoncello body scrub & body cream will jump start your new beauty routine. My husband is a closet beauty junkie. He loves a good smelling product, and this set was a “get-well” gift from my mother when he had ankle surgery. The Villa Floriani Limoncello Ultra Hydrating Body Cream and Limoncello Exfoliating Shower Gel are […]

bathing-culture-body-wash bottle

Things We Love: Bathing Culture Mind & Body Wash

I have to admit I am a sucker for nice photos and pretty packaging. This eco friendly body wash has been all over Instagram and Facebook from ads to posts. I bought the Mind & Body Wash and the Golden Hour Hydrosol and did a test drive.

Alelier Cologne Orange Sanguine

Things We Love: Atelier Cologne Paris Orange Sanguine

When the seasons change it is also a fun time to change your personal fragrance. A few years ago, I received a sample of Atelier Cologne Paris’ Orange Sanguine in a Birchbox sample box. For decades, my father has always given the women in our family a special bottle of cologne every Christmas. As an adult, I started buying scents when I discovered them.