Hard Seltzers: Which Ones Are Best?

The popularity of hard seltzers has grown. Check out our taste test for ideas on the best ones. I tried my first hard seltzer a few years ago. I love anything grapefruit flavored and enjoyed a Truly grapefruit hard seltzer at a friend’s house. It was delicious! Since then, I have tried many others including […]

perfect margarita

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

The margarita is a classic cocktail that never goes out of fashion and is easy to make well. More popularly celebrated in the United States than in Mexico, Cinco de Mayo is associated with the celebration of Mexican-American culture. These celebrations began in California, where they have been observed annually since 1863. The day gained nationwide popularity […]

Things We Love: Teaspressa Champagne Cocktail Kit

The Teaspressa Instant Champagne Cocktail Kit is the fastest way to elevate your glass of Prosecco or Champagne. The Teaspressa Instant Champagne Cocktail kit is an easy way to impress your guests with a 1-step upgrade to the simple glass of champagne. These sugar cubes are infused with flavor essence, elements of fruit and/or petals. […]

Sips: Deep Eddy’s Ruby Red Grapefruit Vodka

Looking for a refreshing cocktail? Try Deep Eddy’s flavors! Years ago, Liz and her husband Shawn were in Key West enjoying spring break. A lifelong Fresca lover, Liz ordered a Deep Eddy’s Ruby Red Grapefruit vodka with soda. It was delicious. Since that vacation, Liz has tried several other Deep Eddy’s flavors, including orange, peach, […]

Sips: Crimson Sky

Try Luxardo Cherries for this yummy and refreshing mid winter cherry cocktail Curious about those amazing looking Luxardo Cherries you see in food magazines and Instagram? So was I, so I bought a jar. They are indeed yummy and every bit of the jar can be used for a fancy cherry cocktail, perfect Old Fashioned […]

Sips: Botanical Infused Vodka

Make your own delicious botanical infused vodka to add variety to your vodka tonic Do you love botanical infused vodka? One of my favorite drinks is a shot of fruit flavored vodka, a small shot of Rose’s Lime Juice and LaCroix fruity and bubbly water. This refreshing cocktail is light on alcohol and big on […]


Classic Holiday Egg Nog

My mother, Betty, makes this recipe every year and we never open a gift before the egg nog has been served. Even the dog loves licking the cups and then naps by the tree afterwards.

Things We Love: Holiday Toasts

This year, consider giving a holiday toast. Whether you write it yourself or find a poem or words written by someone else, make sure you share how you feel and celebrate those who mean the most. 2020 will be a year that goes down for the books. Can any of us really remember a year […]

mulled- red-wine-in-glass

Warm Up with Mulled Wine

Paris in the fall is fantastic. Maybe not the warmest, but fashion is at its seasonal highs, along with certain aromas and French food delights. And of course, Mmmm… mulled wine!

Day-trip: North Fork, Long Island Wineries

Fall is the perfect time to get out of the city and enjoy time outside while we still can. In just under 2 hours from NYC, you can visit several wineries and feel as though you are in another state entirely. In essence, North Fork Wineries are the perfect day-trip!