Great Holiday Gifts for the Chef

Great holiday gift ideas for your home chef and anyone who loves to cook. We love to share our secrets, and as avid cooks, we appreciate any new gadgets or products! This holiday season, we are sharing many of our favorites with you. We have included several price points and many of these items can […]

salad-dressing bowl

Things We Love: Ceramic Salad Dressing Bowl

My friend Kimberlee is a great cook and she too is always on the hunt for cool finds. This salad dressing bowl from potter Rachael Pots is her find. But I think it’s amazing! I love that it is handmade and a purchase on the potter’s website supports her craft.

Things We Love: Spanish Olive Oil Pitcher

I ultimately settled on this Spanish oil pitcher in, stainless steel from Schoolhouse. I could not be happier. While $46 may seem high, it’s sleek, protects the oil from heat and light, pours gracefully and holds a huge bottle of oil (it’s very deceiving). I think what I love the most about it is that the pour is so smooth. Use a lot or just a drop you have perfect control and no bubbles.

Debbie’s Garlic Parmesan Spread

The everything spread for summer corn. I have fond memories of fresh summer corn with this garlicky, parmesan spread. It’s more than addicting. As a teenager I would slather it on just about everything. Just make sure the whole household is eating it as it has generous amounts of garlic.