Things We Love: Digital Wallpaper Calendars

A beautiful digital desktop calendar that keeps me on track and reminds me of the beauty of hand drawn artwork.

One of the things I miss about having an office cube or desk is that I used to have a paper calendar hanging by my desk. It was great; I could see a month at a glance. It’s extremely helpful in planning out dates and information. Over time Liz moved her office home, I transitioned to the new den in my apt and we have all moved on. However, I still miss having that readily available month at a glance wall calendar vs. having to open up the calendar app on my phone.

Digital wallpaper calendars are great. It’s an easy way to have a month at a glance exactly where you need it. Whether the computer or phone both work well. There are certainly lots of options for download out there from brands like The Every Girl. The Every Girl has lots of free options for download each month. But I personally love the hand drawn versions from 1Canoe2. If you have not already discovered 1Canoe2, then you are not aware of their beautiful hand painted and printed wall calendars. These have a cult following and if you don’t order early then you are out of luck until next year. 

I was introduced to 1canoe by my sister-in-law, Corey. She has the XL wall calendar in her kitchen in the Berkshires and it is a focal point like any other beautiful piece of artwork. After seeing it the first time, I ordered one of these for my mother right away. I think their digital desktop calendars are free to those who have made a purchase before but there are so many beautiful items you can easily find something to love. Their stuff is wonderful. 

Whether you choose 1canoe2 or find another wallpaper calendar you love. I highly recommend these beautiful desktop calendars for some personalization and beauty in this highly digital world.

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