Classic Holiday Egg Nog

My mother, Betty, makes this recipe every year and we never open a gift before the egg nog has been served. Even the dog loves licking the cups and then naps by the tree afterwards.

Holiday Baking: Sharing Traditional European Family Christmas Cookie Recipes

We share simple ingredient cookie recipes passed down among generations I grew up with aunts, uncles, grandmothers, parents, friend’s parents, church communities, neighbors… sharing dessert. This time of year meant a lot of family holiday baking. Grandpa’s pfeffernusse. Mom’s stollen and anise cookies. I love a frosted cookie or gooey bar, but sometimes just a […]

mulled- red-wine-in-glass

Warm Up with Mulled Wine

Paris in the fall is fantastic. Maybe not the warmest, but fashion is at its seasonal highs, along with certain aromas and French food delights. And of course, Mmmm… mulled wine!


Cinnamon Roll Challenge

My husband, Scott, had surgery last week. I wanted to bake something as a treat and incentive for him to eat breakfast. Scott loves anything that is sweet and frosted, so I decided to bake fresh cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting. When I mentioned my plan to Liz, she suggested we do a throw-down of two different cinnamon roll recipes. Below are our recipe picks and how they turned out.

prosecco-bubbles close up

Prosecco: Versatile & Great for All Occasions

Quality can be judged at first pour. I have traveled throughout Italy and found that there are two key characteristics one must follow when making your selections. Bubbles and taste! The more bubbles that rise to the top and the length for which you see those bubbles is typically a good indicator of higher quality wines, especially Prosecco