Classic Holiday Egg Nog

My mother, Betty, makes this recipe every year and we never open a gift before the egg nog has been served. Even the dog loves licking the cups and then naps by the tree afterwards.

Holiday Baking: Sharing Traditional European Family Christmas Cookie Recipes

We share simple ingredient cookie recipes passed down among generations I grew up with aunts, uncles, grandmothers, parents, friend’s parents, church communities, neighbors… sharing dessert. This time of year meant a lot of family holiday baking. Grandpa’s pfeffernusse. Mom’s stollen and anise cookies. I love a frosted cookie or gooey bar, but sometimes just a […]

Collecting: Holiday Punch Sets

Yes, I am that person who is still missing and obsessing over the loss of a vintage Fire King Egg Nog set. While not an expensive find, I miss it every Christmas.


Things We Love: Mask Bijoux

My latest love is essentially a mask chain called ‘mask bijoux’. The ‘le-bijoux’ is a pretty mask chain meant to be worn with their matching le-mask but it can be worn with any mask. It’s the prettiest fabric cord with gold balls and cute star clasps and attaches to my mask.

A Midwest Christmas

Fresh picked pine, handmade decorations and sweet family memories A Midwest Christmas for me is influenced by nature and special family or cultural traditions. Christmas has always been my absolute favorite holiday. My mother owned a flower and gift store in northeastern Wisconsin called Schumacher’s Flowers and Gifts. She made Christmas beautiful for so many […]

Things We Love: Little French Bakery Digital Baking Classes

Want to learn how to make real bread and fancy baked goods? Try an online class! Looking for something fun to do during the upcoming cold days and nights? Love learning new things? Check out Little French Bakery’s awesome online baking classes. I have known Susan Holding for over twenty years. I remember meeting her […]