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Things We Love: Mask Bijoux

My latest love is essentially a pretty face mask chain called ‘mask bijoux’.

The mask bijoux is made by, Le Lion, a company who is making some of the most sweet, feminine and girlie masks out there. The ‘le-bijoux’ is a pretty mask chain meant to be worn with their matching le-mask. However, it can be worn with any mask. It is the prettiest fabric cord with gold balls and cute star clasps that attaches to my mask and allows me to have it around my neck until I need it.

When my bijoux arrived and I immediately linked it to my mask and walked around the house. How handy is this I thought. My husband of course thinks I am crazy; but he can laugh all he wants. This is the greatest invention for women who want to personalize their masks even more. Practically speaking, wear it in the office or on a walk. It’s great when you need the mask with you, but not covering your face at all times. Of course when the pandemic is over you can wear your le bijoux as a great wrap bracelet.

Le Mask from Li Lion

At $30 this will also make a nice stocking stuffer or gift for your girlfriend. The feel good element of Le Lion is that each Le Mask is handmade by refugee women rebuilding their lives in the U.S. after fleeing violence and persecution. $5 from the sale of each mask is donated to different organizations monthly.