villia floriani limoncello

Things We Love: Villa Floriani Limoncello Body Cream and Shower Gel

Limoncello body scrub & body cream will jump start your new beauty routine. My husband is a closet beauty junkie. He loves a good smelling product, and this set was a “get-well” gift from my mother when he had ankle surgery. The Villa Floriani Limoncello Ultra Hydrating Body Cream and Limoncello Exfoliating Shower Gel are […]

Cedar Plank Salmon with Lemon & Herbs

I love cooking salmon on the grill and the cedar planks make it so easy. This recipe is from a blogger I regularly follow, Once Upon a Chef. Her recipes are easy and simple and just delicious.

Debbie’s Garlic Parmesan Spread

The everything spread for summer corn. I have fond memories of fresh summer corn with this garlicky, parmesan spread. It’s more than addicting. As a teenager I would slather it on just about everything. Just make sure the whole household is eating it as it has generous amounts of garlic.