painted tea glasses

Things We Love: Hand Painted Tea Glasses

Special hand painted tea glasses will bring joy to any table. In Morocco and Turkey they serve hot mint tea in the afternoon in these beautiful hand painted glasses. When I saw these on Anthropologie I was transported to Venice, Italy where colorful Murano glass is everywhere. This special set of hand painted tea glasses […]

Collecting: Vintage Mechanical Clocks

Vintage mechanical clocks are a glimpse of history and design For Daylight Savings, we thought it was a perfect time to share one of the coolest collections we have ever seen- vintage mechanical clocks. Liz’s husband, Shawn, is an avid collector of vintage mechanical clocks. He collects both mechanical clocks and wristwatches. He started his […]

My husband Shawn's vintage thermos collection in our backyard

Collecting: Vintage Thermos Containers

Use a vintage Thermos instead of buying a new hot beverage container As children, our parents would take us into the woods for weekend hikes and lunches in the shade of old oak forests and pine groves. Our parents would pack the plaid fabric Thermos satchel with a silver thermos with a little mug on […]

picture of Liz's watch

Watch Collecting 101

I was never a watch person. I sometimes noticed other people’s watches. My sister had a black Pulsar (type) in the 80’s and it was sporty and cool, but not my style. I had a simple Timex with a long rectangular face, roman numerals and a faux alligator skin band. I thought it was classic.