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Flower Bulbs for Every Season

Flowering bulbs offer beautiful indoor blooms all year long. One thing I have learned from the endless months of pandemic is that nature has no awareness of our plight. Nothing offers hope and anticipation as bulbs appearing magically in your garden or pot or glass bowl all year long. Right now they are at reduced […]

colored-mums-potted with pumpkins

Things We Love: Mums

Fall is heavy to me but it also means that my fresh herbs and summer flowers will soon disappear. So in early September when everything else is dying and looking straggly, I love how mums feel fresh. When planted and maintained they will carry you to Thanksgiving. Fun fact, colder weather enhances the color and keeps blossoms fresh.

blue hydrangea white picket fence

Pro Tip: Hydrangeas + Alum

Hydrangea, literally means hydrate and cutting its stems on a slant helps that to happen. There are over a dozen methods for reviving cut hydrangeas online and I’ve tried them all, however this method works the best.