colored-mums-potted with pumpkins

Things We Love: Mums

How to decorate your outdoor space for fall with colorful mums and pumpkins.

There is just something about Fall; the warm sun in the afternoon, the cooler temperatures cool breezes — heaven. But it also means that my fresh herbs and summer flowers will soon disappear. So in early September when everything else is dying and looking straggly, mums and pumpkins feel fresh. When planted and maintained mums will carry you up to Thanksgiving when you can feel comfortable moving to holiday decorations. Fun fact, colder weather enhances the color and keeps blossoms fresh.

Mums prefer full sun (ideally 6-8 hrs. a day) and tend to bloom more than when in partial shade. But don’t let that deter you if your outdoor space has shade. Most of the mums that you buy at the grocery store, Lowe’s, Home Dept or local farm tend to be shallow-rooted. So they will dry out quickly and easily. Be sure to water daily, especially during those hot fall days.

Some tips to picking mums:

  • Stay away from too many colors. Patios like interior rooms look best when you keep to 1 color palette. So think, yellow/rust or rust/lavender maroon/lavender mums.
  • Transfer your Mums to nice planters with good soil to make them last longer. Otherwise drop them inside larger platers. Recycle those orange plastic containers, they just look cheap.
  • If you want to plant new herbs or keep the ones you have focus on rosemary, sage and thyme. Kale is also a great option to plant as the days and nights turn cooler. Most herbs can weather mild to cold winters and when trimmed back can return next year.
  • As Halloween comes up, add those pumpkins, gourds they look great in clusters and stacks and add texture and depth.

Orange mums with baby pumpkins

So go ahead update that porch or patio. Take time to relax and enjoy the last few months warm sunshine and fresh air. Whether it’s with your immediate family, your partner/husband or just time by yourself time outside is important especially during the pandemic.

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