greens on golf course

La Soeurette Guide: Learning to Play Golf

A beginners guide what to buy and how to get started playing golf During the summer pandemic lock down golf was one of the only sports people could do outside masked and alone. With less competition for outdoor activities, the pandemic has provided golf with an opportunity to attract new participants. In fact, in 2019, […]

window treatments

La Soeurette Guides: Window Treatments

Shopping for window treatments like roman shades can be easy if you work with a great company like The Shade Store. If this past year taught me anything it was spend my saved dollars on my home. As we will all admit we are spending more time at home than ever before. Raise you hand […]

cheese ball with crackers

La Soeurette Guides: Recipes for the Big Game

It’s Super Bowl Sunday and these are our favorite recipes for any sized crowd. There are definitely 2 camps, those who actually want to watch the game and those who watch the game for the ads. Either way, it’s usually an opportunity to socialize, hang out and in general eat naughty food. The food on […]

La Soeurette Guides: A Mindful Approach to 2021

Say goodbye to 2020 and apply lessons learned to a mindful approach to life in 2021. It goes without saying- 2020 was one of the hardest years in our lives. For me personally, it started with my father breaking his hip (he is doing well.) Then we learned he had another medical issue (he is […]

Holiday Baking: Sharing Traditional European Family Christmas Cookie Recipes

We share simple ingredient cookie recipes passed down among generations I grew up with aunts, uncles, grandmothers, parents, friend’s parents, church communities, neighbors… sharing dessert. This time of year meant a lot of family holiday baking. Grandpa’s pfeffernusse. Mom’s stollen and anise cookies. I love a frosted cookie or gooey bar, but sometimes just a […]

Great Holiday Gifts for the Chef

Great holiday gift ideas for your home chef and anyone who loves to cook. We love to share our secrets, and as avid cooks, we appreciate any new gadgets or products! This holiday season, we are sharing many of our favorites with you. We have included several price points and many of these items can […]

fresh fruit and cheese platter

La Soeurette Guide: The Perfect Cheese Board

I have to admit I love a cheese board. So much so that I would easily swap dessert for cheese and bread. Add in a few tasty crackers, dried fruit and paté even better! I love putting out cheese for guests but it’s also as an easy dinner. I am also fascinated by pictures of pretty cheese boards. But after watching many videos and making even more cheese platters. Here are my tips for building the perfect cheese board.