Getaways: Manchester, Vermont

A weekend getaway with all the trimmings of a nice hotel, cute town, short drive, golf and relaxation Memorial Day is never hot in New York City. On the rare occasion it will be warm, but never hot. It’s a great time to drive or fly somewhere rather close so you can get out of […]

Top 10 Fall Fashion Picks for 2020

A guide to the top 10 fall fashion pieces you need and want to have this fall. These items will brighten your day and hopefully give you a reason to get dressed up for your next Zoom call. Remember nice clothing does not have to R.I.P.

colored-mums-potted with pumpkins

Things We Love: Mums

Fall is heavy to me but it also means that my fresh herbs and summer flowers will soon disappear. So in early September when everything else is dying and looking straggly, I love how mums feel fresh. When planted and maintained they will carry you to Thanksgiving. Fun fact, colder weather enhances the color and keeps blossoms fresh.