Sips: Crimson Sky

Try Luxardo Cherries for this yummy and refreshing mid winter cherry cocktail Curious about those amazing looking Luxardo Cherries you see in food magazines and Instagram? So was I, so I bought a jar. They are indeed yummy and every bit of the jar can be used for a fancy cherry cocktail, perfect Old Fashioned […]

Bala-weights box

Things We Love: Bala Bangles

Sleek and cool the Bala bracelet weights are everything and then some. As the time at home has increased, so has my time working out. With that my collection of workout equipment has continues to grow. Fitness bands, yoga straps, barre balls, light weights from 2 to 10 lbs. slowly get added to my collection. […]

Getaways: The Berkshires

When you live in NYC and you want to getaway, there are a few areas locals tend to go in the summer and winter. In the winter, the Berkshires makes the most sense as it’s also an easy driving distance for skiing.

Sips: Botanical Infused Vodka

Make your own delicious botanical infused vodka to add variety to your vodka tonic Do you love botanical infused vodka? One of my favorite drinks is a shot of fruit flavored vodka, a small shot of Rose’s Lime Juice and LaCroix fruity and bubbly water. This refreshing cocktail is light on alcohol and big on […]

Things We Love: Stila Liquid Eyeshadow

Add a little sparkle to your eyes for fun Eye shadow has come a long way from the Maybelline eye contouring compacts from the 1980’s. The evolution of eyeshadow- from a powder that never stayed on my eyelids to an all day shimmery lid is amazing! I have been noticing increasing numbers of glimmering eyelids […]

Top Ten Easy Weeknight Pasta Recipes

Welcome to our first monthly easy weeknight pasta dinner recipe- Peasant Pasta Even if you are quarantining and home during the day to cook, we all appreciate an easy weeknight pasta recipe. Melissa and I agreed to start a monthly column to share our favorites with you. Hers is our January, 2021 recipe. Weeknight pasta […]

birthday girl

An Ode to the Birthday

Celebrate what’s most important as we age — It’s the close friends and memories you make celebrating those birthday milestones that will stay with you forever. Growing up, birthdays were always celebrated. Ever since we were young my mother would make sure that our birthday was special. No matter where we were, we had a […]

Things We Love: Just Love Vintage Cashmere Hats

Add a spark of color and keep your head warm with these upcycled hats We love supporting makers and decreasing our carbon footprint. Our good friend Geri Justinger at Just Love Vintage is one of the most talented makers we know. Her collection of all things vintage, unique designs and wonderful handmade clothing, accessories and […]