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Sips: Botanical Infused Vodka

Make your own delicious botanical infused vodka to add variety to your vodka tonic

Do you love botanical infused vodka? One of my favorite drinks is a shot of fruit flavored vodka, a small shot of Rose’s Lime Juice and LaCroix fruity and bubbly water. This refreshing cocktail is light on alcohol and big on flavor. As many of you know, we love to do our own DIY canning, yogurt making and other fun hobbies.

My husband Shawn and I love to travel. Two years ago we visited The Pig at Bath. While visiting, I fell in love with all of their interesting botanical infused vodkas. Last summer I decided to try making my own homemade botanical infused vodka. I started with cooked beets, which I put into a quart jar and added vodka. The color was spectacular, and the beet flavored vodka was absolutely delicious. My husband and I enjoyed this with Bloody Marys.

This summer I infused vodka with rosemary and lavender. To do this, I simply filled a pint jar with vodka and added rosemary and lavender. Screw a top onto the jar and put in the fridge. This was delicious with grapefruit juice and a bit of seltzer to add bubbles. I am currently infusing vodka in a pint jar with sliced horseradish root.

Delicious harvest of vegetables, fruits and other delicacies at The Pig at Bath, Somerset, England.
Amazing fruit, herb and vegetable infused vodkas and liquors at The Pig at Bath, Somerset, England.

One of my favorite treats is to buy the chopped fruit from the grocery store and snack on it through the day each week. Sometimes I take the leftover fruit- maybe a little pineapple, blueberry and raspberry and add it to a quart jar with vodka. This is an easy way to use up fruit and create something delicious- one can never have enough choices of botanical infused vodka. It creates a refreshing, natural fruit flavor. Making your own botanical infused vodkas is very easy, and people love receiving handmade gifts.

Why not experiment a bit and buy a gallon of Vodka and make a variety of flavors? You can buy herbs, horseradish root and all kinds of fruit and vegetables at the store. Simply add the right amount of fruit, herb or vegetable to a jar, pour vodka over and let it marinate in the fridge or a dark place. Taste test it to infuse just the right amount and voila, you have a tasty new homemade treat!