Halloween Treats for Your Home and Stomach

Inspiration and last minute ideas for Halloween decorations, dinner and dessert!

We’ve never been really into Halloween but we definitely admire everyone else who get into the spirit with themed parties and costumes. However, we do love seeing illuminated pumpkins and decorated doorsteps. We also have a few favorite halloween treats. These being Gordon’s Peanut Chews, caramel apples, Snickers and pumpkin cakes and cookies.

If you have been hesitant to get into the spirit we’ve gathered together a few of our ideas for a quick Halloween save.

Decorating: It can be really simple or over the top. A few pumpkins on the doorstep work well but if you want to go over the top. We love this brownstone that Melissa saw in her Brooklyn Neighborhood.

A wonderfully decorated stoop in Brooklyn, NY

Check out the Grill Family’s front yard Halloween Cemetery Makeover in Evanston, Illinois.

Treats: Melissa really got excited last week when she made these caramel apples. Although not on her diet, she was nibbling at the broken candy bits as she made them. Needless to say they were a huge hit.

A deep, rich caramel makes for a classic shiny apple. Toppings make them extra special. To make the apples you need just a few ingredients that you can grab at the local supermarket or CVS: 6 apples, 6 wooden sticks, a bag of Brach’s caramels and assorted chopped candy. Melissa used KitKat bars, sprinkles, nuts and Reeses Peanut Butter Cups. Follow the recipe for the caramel dipping on the back of the Brach’s candy bag you can make these in under an hour.

Candy covered caramel apples

Breakfast: We both love pumpkin bread. It’s often a go to choice at this time of the year. This pumpkin bread recipe would make Jill proud. It’s vegan and no one would ever know…. it’s just incredibly delicious.

Who wouldn’t want this delicious pumpkin breakfast bread!

Dinner: Do you love a classic casserole? As a little girl, Liz’s friend Kristin’s mom made this delicious graveyard casserole. You can find many renditions of this online. Liz hadn’t had it in years, so asked her for the recipe and it was just as tasty as remembered. If you are looking for a hot and delicious comfort food for cold fall nights, this recipe can be made year around from items in your pantry and freezer! While not the healthiest meal, it is super convenient for busy weekdays.

The recipe is easy. Simply sauté an onion and one pound of ground beef in olive oil with salt and pepper. When finished, place into a greased baking dish. Liz used one of her trusty Le Creuset casserole dishes for nice, carmelized edges. Next, spread an entire can of cream of mushroom soup on top of the meat. Add a bag of frozen green beans and finally, cover with tater tots. Think through the graveyard… meat on the bottom, (bodies), dirt on the top (mushroom soup), green beans (grass) and tater tots (tombstones.) Enjoy!

Yummy Graveyard Casserole for a cold Halloween night!