Garden Liz's Mini Castle

Liz’s Mini Castle: Finalizing Architectural Drawings and Spring Flowers Popping

Springtime is arriving in the Midwest and the grounds at the mini castle are becoming alive

Liz and Shawn had a busy few weeks with a lot of exciting new mini castle updates! After a few weeks of architectural drawings, Liz and Shawn’s architect Paul Lankenau nailed it this week! We are super excited to submit the drawings updating the garage to a library (with built in library shelves for the book collection), a master bedroom above the new library and soon a garage that will have a woodshed for Shawn and an office for Liz!

It has been exciting seeing the mini castle coming to life through the changing seasons. We had an incredibly intense winter. February was nonstop snowstorms, with the greatest snow accumulation we can remember. The mini castle looked enchanting and cozy tucked into the beautiful grounds, almost like something out of a storybook. Now that the snow has melted, we are seeing bits of spring all around. We have lovely and delicate snowdrop blossoms alongside the mini castle. There are also winter aconites, a tiny and delicate yellow bloom that seems to be popping up all around the mini castle. We are excited to transfer over some of our own bleeding hearts, ostrich ferns, hostas, burning love, lily of the valley and purple bearded irises when the seasons allow us to. Landscaping the grounds will be an absolute joy. The front yard is covered with thick moss that feels like sponge on your feet… cannot wait to enjoy it when the weather gets warm in our bare feet!