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Things We Love: Purple Carrot Plant-Based Meal Kits

Purple Carrot provides a wonderful source of vegan recipe inspiration.

One of my favorite activities is looking up vegan recipes and also turning non-vegan recipes into plant-based meals — “veganizing” them. There are a lot of recipe ideas from vegan chefs, bloggers and YouTube channels. However, I Purple Carrot provides a wonderful source of recipe inspiration. Their plant-based meal delivery service sends me new recipes, delivered straight to my door without purchasing a bunch of individual ingredients that may not get finished before they expire.

My family is not vegan, and they vary in how vegan-adventurous they are, but they have enjoyed these recipes as well. All in all, the food always looks delicious, and Purple Carrot keeps things interesting by including a variety of sauces, dips, glazes, crunchy toppings and quick pickles in their recipes.

So how are they? I can’t remember one bad recipe. A few have been “just OK”, but most have been excellent.

Here’s why I consistently love it:

  • Clear Instructions – They include a recipe book with colorful pictures and a step-by-step guide
  • Food Quality – Ingredients arrive freshly packed and in very good condition
  • Recipe Taste – Excellent
  • Recipe Complexity – Some recipes include many steps, but they are not overly complicated
  • Kitchen Chaos – Certain recipes make use of a multitude of pots, pans, utensils, oven and stove top leading to a lot of disarray
  • Flexibility – They typically deliver on Monday or Tuesday, but you are able to skip weeks. After a certain number of boxes, you can gift a box to a friend!
  • Sustainability – There is a scarcity of green packaging. The carboard box and part of the interior liner are recyclable/compostable but each ingredient is provided in a plastic bag or small, single use plastic container. Although their ice packs keep everything fresh, they must be put in the trash. Some items can be recycled, and I upcycle as much as I can but there are numerous items in each delivery.
Purple Carrot produce bounty

Overall, I really enjoy Purple Carrot’s plant-based meal service very much. If you’re looking for plant-based recipe inspiration, or just need a change, I think you will like it too! Plus, when you sign up with a new email address you’l receive a $20 discount off your first order!