Hard Seltzers: Which Ones Are Best?

The popularity of hard seltzers has grown. Check out our taste test for ideas on the best ones.

I tried my first hard seltzer a few years ago. I love anything grapefruit flavored and enjoyed a Truly grapefruit hard seltzer at a friend’s house. It was delicious! Since then, I have tried many others including some unique organic brands, more popular brands like White Claw, and others. I still often fall back on my grapefruit vodka and LaCroix, but some of my coworkers persuaded me to try hard seltzers again. They have come a long way!

I tried several brands and am impressed with the variety, flavors and ingredients. Check out my review below!

  1. White Claw. White Claw is the mother of all hard seltzers in my mind. The first big brand to make women of all ages go crazy over a refreshing, low calorie alternative to a vodka and soda. I enjoy both the grapefruit and raspberry flavors. Both are light, the fruit flavor is not too strong and absolutely delicious served ice cold. Not feeling up to mixing your own drink? Try one of these.
  2. Crook and Marker. One of my coworkers suggested I try this brand. This is an organic super grain derived hard seltzer and it has an incredible variety of flavors. They have a whole line of coconut inspired “island” flavors as well as margarita, iced tea and other varieties. I tried the zero calorie margarita and it was delicious! Spring and summer always puts me in the mood for something a little tangy and citrus flavored. The margarita was just sweet enough.
  3. Topo Chico. I love sparkling water and anything bubbly. Topo Chico has long been one of my favorite sparkly waters with high carbonation and bubbles to tingle your tongue. I was excited to hear about their hard seltzers and loved them! The strawberry guava is delicious with a nice strawberry essence, sweetened with guava. I highly recommend this delicious hard seltzer.
  4. High Noon. More companies are making sparkling lemonades and citrus based hard seltzers. High Noon’s (you guessed it)- grapefruit hard seltzer- was delicious. Made from real grapefruit juice and natural sweeteners, this reminded me a bit of Spindrift but with alcohol.
  5. Ketel One Rose and Grapefruit. Ketel One is one of our favorite vodkas and I guessed I would like this one. Indeed I did. The combination of the rose and grapefruit is refreshing and fragrant. The flavor is not too strong and the sparkle of the bubbles was just right. Plus the packaging is pretty.

Looking to try some new summer cocktails without having to mix things? Give some of these new hard seltzer brands a try. These products have come a long way and the variety, flavors, ingredients, amount of bubbles in each brand varies. Whether you like a subtle flavored sparkle drink or you love a classic margarita or spiked lemonade, there are many delicious varieties perfect for popping on a warm spring or summer evening! All available at Target.