picture of pot_purple-and-white-dahlia-pink-calibrachoa-coleus

Summer Patio Pots

New options for buying plants online including creating the look for you and sending you everything you need.

If you are like me, you aspire to having beautiful pots on your patio that look professional. While my pots look ok, it’s not the same as if my mother did it or I had someone come and do it for me. Well someone finally took that dilemma and turned it into a serious business — Introducing Bloomscape.

After searching for ideas on patio planter combinations, I was bombarded by ads on social media for Bloomscape. If you are not familiar, they are a family owned company that has been in nursery business for years but it took the next generation to make it more start-up like. The beauty of this online plant resource is that they take the guesswork out of picking plants that work together and tell you exactly how many plants you need to buy for your pot. Even better, they go one step further and sell kits that include the soil, plants and pots and plantagram (how cute it is that) with their bloom kits. What could be easier?

Know your space

It’s important to know your outdoor space. So that means how much space you have for pots, how many you want, what size will work, what kind of light do you have. I have bright sun most of the day. There are a few hours where the sun is behind a building but in the morning and afternoon the sun is strong. I know that sun loving plants do well. I also know we tend to get wind, and if there is a storm pieces of my plants get jostled and even break off. Case in point, one bad thunderstorm wiped out half of my coleus last summer. We also live in an area that gets a lot of natural rain but not enough that I can skip daily watering.

Color and Style

Once you know your space, light and size needs you’re ready to shop. Personally, I like things to look lush and match the surroundings. My patio is mostly white, gray and black so it’s easy for me to create a harmonious look. I also want the pots to match my rose and geraniums that I planted around the rose which is expected to come in later this summer. I selected the Purple and White Dahlia, Pink Calibrachoa, and Coleus Combination Kit but I also loved the Red Geranium, Purple Calibrachoa, and Yellow Bidens Combination Kit for a very classic look.

For pots I actually did not purchase the ones from Bloomscape, I bought these on Overstock. They matched more closely to something I already had. I am also a big fan of fiberstone vs. stone or terracotta. Unfortunately, in our climate, only the fiberstone will make it through the winter snow and cold without cracking. I already had the soil and plant food at home.

My Experience

First of all, ordering could not be easier. I measured my pots. Since I had one slightly larger pot but wanted to test out how the 8 plants look in each — picking out the 16-pack kit. It should be lush and it’s also cheaper than two of the 8-pack kits. If it was too tight, I would use in another container as filler. I also signed up for emails and texts to get an additional 10% off my first order. When ordering my plants I also took note that they take 8 days to arrive. Make sure you will be home when they arrive. You do not want the plants to die in the box. Mine arrived in a week. The plants came just as expected, so tiny and cute. Into the pot they went. Stay tuned for a few pics as they begin to grow.

I am super excited to see how they come in and have some pretty dahlias for vases inside the apartment. See my post simple flower arrangements in La Soeurette Guides.