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Collecting: Holiday Punch Sets

Holiday punch sets to bring cocktail joy now and forever.

Yes, I am that person who is still missing and obsessing over the loss of a vintage Fire King Egg Nog set. While not an expensive find, it was one that was a great tag sale buy for a record $8. It was white hardened glass and came with 5 mugs. Someone obviously lost one of the mugs. I am now on the hunt for a replacement set.

The story goes, I had multiple boxes still unpacked when I was sharing an apt with someone moving out as I was moving in. The box went missing and I assumed my friend had it, nada. Gone like the wind!

I am here to tell you where to find that fabulous holiday drink set you lost track of during a move. Buy yourself a new one and bring yourself some joy during this crazy year and use it forever.

Currently, I am today lusting over a slew of amazing sets easily sourced on Etsy and the one I that truly got away. First up, the set white Egg Nog set I used to have from Fire King.

Vintage 1960’s Fire King Egg Nog set
Vintage Hazel Atlas Tom and Jerry Punch Bowl Set

Second a Riddell green holly punch bowl set that is tru stunner. The hubs is not a fan – but then again he is not collector. I think this one would be wonderful on a drink table with vintage Christmas table cloth with green and red holly.

Vintage Riddell Holiday Punch Set

This set of 1950’s Holiday Mugs is another favorite I have my eye on. How fun would it be to have mulled wine, egg nog or coffee every morning in December with this set.

Christmas Mugs in heatproof milk glass from Fire King

Whatever punch set you choose, you will have a true holiday winner and something that will allow you to focus on spreading holiday cheer not only this year but years to come. You will look fondly on the set when you break it out every year.

Want to add more sizzle to this set? Start collecting swizzle sticks.

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