picture of Liz's watch

Watch Collecting 101

I was never a watch person. I sometimes noticed other people’s watches. My sister had a black Pulsar (type) in the 80’s and it was sporty and cool, but not my style. I had a simple Timex with a long rectangular face, roman numerals and a faux alligator skin band. I thought it was classic.

sunset on lake door county wisconsin

Getaways: Door County, Wisconsin

Consider more road trips or regional getaways to really get to know your country and seasons. Door County, Wisconsin sits on the finger of the state of Wisconsin. Loaded with Scandinavian character, night skies so dark you can see the Big Dipper with ease, crystal blue Lake Michigan water and endless outdoor trails and parks, plan a visit.

2-glasses-white-wine-on table-with-peaches

Summer Wines: Sancerre

I want to take you on a short journey to some of the most beautiful countryside in the world. The place is the Loire Valley and the regional wine is one of the tastiest white wines out there, Sancerre. Aptly named after the medieval town that sits atop a hill looking down on the Loire River Valley.

Pimento Cheese Spread

A classic southern snack and appetizer that’s also perfect for game day. I grew up in New York but there are two southern snacks or appetizers I love. The first is cornmeal hush puppies with honey butter and the second is pimento cheese.