bathing-culture-body-wash bottle

Things We Love: Bathing Culture Mind & Body Wash

The eco-friendly, fun, and refillable body wash/soap.

I have to admit I am a sucker for nice photos and pretty packaging. This eco friendly body wash has been all over Instagram and Facebook from ads to posts. I bought the Mind & Body Wash and the Golden Hour Hydrosol and did a test drive.

First, I love the packaging. Each bottle is clean, well branded and has a colorful rainbow wave on the bottle. The body wash bottle is made from glass, it’s recyclable and also refillable (a huge plus in my mind). It also comes with its own black pump (it is a wee bit long so you will need to trim the bottom to get it to fit into the bottle).

Second, the Mind & Body Wash is very concentrated. You really need just 2-3 total pumps for your whole body. This also makes it extremely economical (the body wash sells for $35.) It creates a nice lather that rinses clean. The smell is mostly pine and cedar. It’s earthy but not like sandalwood. The Golden Hour Hydrosol mist is my favorite and just divine. It comes in a smaller spray bottle and can easily be dropped in a gym tote. I love the sweet smell of neroli and rose.

PS – Come holiday this can be a beautiful gift wrapped with a pretty plaid or red ribbon tied with a spring of greenery for friends (when we actually see friends!) And it’s also destined to be a great stocking stuffer. Check out other great beauty finds here.