Liz's Mini Castle

Liz’s Mini Castle: Buying a Hand Built Tudor Home

Join Liz as she shares her new home journey- a tudor home remodel of a true mini castle

Liz here! My husband and I bought an amazing tudor home this month. We live in the western Chicago suburbs and love it here because the area is full of forest preserves and beautiful nature. Having grown up in rural Wisconsin, I love being able to get lost in the woods, which allows me to think clearly, get exercise, fresh air and be inspired by nature. My husband and I both agree that our daily walks outside are amazing not only for our physical fitness, but even more importantly, our mental health.

When I saw this home on Zillow back in December, I knew the house immediately. My husband and I had driven by it many times and loved it not only for its amazing style, but also because it has an acre of mature oak trees in the front yard. Its just across the street from the forest preserves, bike paths and there is even a river behind the house. We decided to make an offer on the house and fortunately, we were able to get the house. We closed on the house this week and now the fun begins. Fortunately we are able to live in our current home until the new home is finished. We are excited to do some major renovations- including adding a family room, third bedroom and garage.

Since buying the home, we have had a lot of fun searching Pinterest and even started our own board for the house. It has been an absolute blast searching YouTube channels for ideas, learning how to do some of the basic cosmetic updates ourselves and getting creative. I love Apartment Therapy, and many of the other great websites out there for inspiration. I have also found some fabulous Instagram designers who have inspired a lot of the things that we want to do. Check out Amy Beth Cupp, of course Martha Stewart, American Farmhouse Style, The Providence Cottage, The Container Store, (not just to buy organizing products, but to get ideas on how to organize in a small space); Casa Gusto, Jessica Helgerson, Emily Henderson and many more!

This is the first of a series of blog posts that I will be doing the LaSoeurette Blog around our journey with the new home. Check out the blog every Saturday for an update! Next week we will share updates on our own DIY bathroom vanity updates for the upstairs bathroom and downstairs powder room.